Collection: Trixie Baby

Trixie Baby is inspired by the infinite imagination of a child. The broad range of products creates a playground from which imagination can take flight.

”At Trixie, we are fascinated by a child’s endless imagination. From newborn to teen, children own this immense fantasy, that they use to discover the world around them. We want to celebrate this fantastic characteristic and join children in their world of imagination and creativity, as it is such an enriching experience.”

🌱 Sustainable brand
The world is our playground and Trixie Baby wants to make sure children can enjoy it to the fullest for many years to come. Trixie believes responsible choices need to be made now in order to ensure a healthy future for our children. To give our children this future, a profound respect for the planet is crucial. Trixie Baby has set out a broad vision to do our part in securing the playground of children for many generations to come, using plant based plastic, natural and renewable textiles.