Collection: Daz Studio

Daz melds modern fashion with sleek simplicity, embodying a new wave of minimalism. Established by Daria Kazijeva in 2018 in London and now rooted in Berlin, Daz keeps its production local in Lithuania, ensuring quality and dedication in every piece.

The brand is synonymous with contemporary, playful, yet functional designs. Each Daz creation boasts clean aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail, designed for the dynamic, modern lifestyle.

Daz’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is at the heart of their mission to craft enduring, beautiful pieces. From inception,Daz was driven by the desire to make a positive impact, challenging the fast fashion industry by offering thoughtfully made products designed for longevity.

Quality is our cornerstone. We select only top-tier materials, from supple leathers to robust hardware, ensuring every item is a testament to durability and style. The designs are timeless and adaptable, destined to become staples in any collection.

Daz’s proud of their sustainable and ethical production, collaborating closely with suppliers to source materials responsibly and ensure eco-friendly manufacturing. Fair labor is non-negotiable; our team is treated with respect and compensated justly.